22nd May 2017

Chapter 7

How is the scene in the hotel room in chapter 7 similar to the scene in chapter 2?

The scene in chapter 2 is similar to the scene that happen in chapter 7 at the hotel room because…
In chapter two when Tom and Myrtle get to the apartment they forget their real lives and Myrtle pretends she is rich and happy by changing her dress. As the night goes on Tom loses his cool and hits myrtle. In chapter 7 this is also seen. Tom gets angered by the fact that he could be losing both of his girls and that one of them could go to Gatsby.
By going to the hotel suite there is an illusion that they can forget their lives outside, especially Gatsby. By not being at home Gatsby feels like he is with Daisy. By being out of Tom and Daisy’s environment means that the dream of Daisy and him being together can become more ‘realistic’. 

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