4th May 2017

Chapter One Questions

  1. What was the advice given to Nick by his father? How, do you suppose, this makes him a good person to tell this story?
    The advice given to Nick by his father was “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” This makes Nick a good person to tell the story because he is not as judgmental as other people. And can see different perspectives because he is not ridiculously wealthy and caught up in his own life.  A disadvantage to him being the only one telling the story it that he is one minded and cannot tell what is going on in other people’s minds.
  2. How is West Egg different from East Egg? Which do you think you would rather live in and why?
    West egg is know as “new money” because the people that live there work for their money. East egg is known as “old money” because the people that there inherit all their money from their families. I would prefer to live in West Egg because people are not so caught up in their own personal lives and work for their money. People have more of an equal say in matters and are not over ruled by “richer” people.
  3. If you were going to pick one colour to connect with Daisy Buchanan, what colour would it be? Explain your reasoning.
    A colour that connects with Daisy is white. This is because Daisy is so bland and empty and she is missing something. White is not a colour, it is technically a shade, so this represents that Daisy is a bit false and shallow.
  4. We find out that Tom has “some woman in New York.” What unflattering feature of Jordan Baker’s personality is revealed in this scene?
    When Jordan reveals that Tom has “some woman in New York this represents that she knows a lot about other people and likes to gossip and spread news/rumors.
  5. The green light that Gatsby is staring at will become an important symbol in the book. What symbolic associations do you connect to the colour green?
    When Gatsby is staring at the green light this highlights that the green light symbolizes hope. This could be either Gatsby hoping that he will see Daisy or because the light is coming from Daisy’s it could be her hoping to become free of her current life.

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